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About the NinjaScript indicator & strategy database

Each of the NinjaTrader strategy and NinjaTrader indicator codes in our strategy and indicator databases have been carefully programmed with one of the most popular coding lanuages which has been created by NinjaTrader specifically for day traders, this programming language is called NinjScript. NinjaScript is a programming language which allows traders to build and modify trading strategies and chart indicators easily with one of the most widely used trading platforms NinjaTrader.


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  • Powerful indicators & strategies for scalping, day trading, & end of day trading
  • All indicators & strategies are open source

How-to tutorials

Need help importing a new indicator or strategy into NinjaTrader? We can help you, check out our video tutorials and in a few minutes you learn how to properly import NinjaScript day trading indicator & strategy codes and scripts.

Create your own

Interested in learning more about NinjaScript to create your own day trading strategy? Check out the Non-Coder's Guide to Creating Indicators & Strategies.

What is NinjaScript?

NinjaScript is a simple, but powerful, computer language for producing objective rules and calculations that are used to create trading strategies and technical analysis tools for charts like indicators and paintbar studies. By combining common trading terminology with simple decision statements, NinjaScript makes it easy for you to write your own indicators, paintbar studies and trading strategies in a clear and straightforward manner.

NinjaTrader reads your NinjaScript statements, evaluates them based on the price data that has been collected, and performs the specified actions like plotting an indicator on the chart, changing the color of the price bars or executing a trade. NinjaScript is designed to give traders the ability to write their ideas in plain English using trading terms and phrases with which they are already familiar with, i.e... "Buy this bar on close", "ExitLong next bar at market", and "Sell next bar at price limit".

For example, compare the following two statements of the same trading idea - the first as if you had jotted the idea down on paper and the second as it might appear in NinjaScript.

Trading statement made in plain English:

" if the close is greater than the high of 1 day ago, then buy at market "

Plain English trading statement written in NinjaScript:

" if the Close > the High of 1 day ago then Buy next bar at market; "

Once you see how to tell your trading platform and charting software what to do with easy to understand statements like the one above you can quickly develop indicators and stratgies customized to your needs. The exciting advatage NinjaScript offers is the ability to create nearly any indicator you can think of and test nearly all of your trading ideas. With NinjaScript, if you can define your indicator or strategy in writing then you can create it with NinjaScript.

Official NinjaScript reference manuals:

Download NinjaScript Essentials Manual.pdf
Download NinjaScript Functions & Reserved Words Reference.pdf

Applying NinjaScript in the trading platform you use:

Tutorials for using NinjaScript in NinjaTrader